Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Death is not a bad thing it all. Death is a wonderful thing. The Lord takes us from our worldly misery, and after Purgatory, if we have not died in mortal sin, we shall have eternal joy in Heaven with the Lord and Saviour, and our holy Blessed Mother, the Saints and angels. When a close member of the family has died, sometimes, the son, daughter or close member to the person who has died feels grief, and often anger at God most high. Feeling anger at God for someone's death is just plain wrong, and not right at all. When someone dies young, it means that God loves them SO SO much that he wants them to be happy forever in the Kingdom of Heaven, as long as they die without mortal sin. Especially the courageous Saints and Martyrs who died young, with a love of God and his Church, and his Blessed Mother. For example, St Dominic Savio; the young apostle of St John Bosco. He suffered and sacrificed his food and daily bread so that his friends at the home could have plenty. His selflessness and love for others, his love for them even more than he loved himself. God granted him the truly wonderful and exclusive privilege of and early death, and a short length of suffering. When someone dies, always pray for their soul. Have Masses said for them, pray the Rosary, and adore Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Help release them from Purgatory, and hopefully they are there! Remember, also, that there IS a Hell. A hell, the place that those poor soul who have died in their sin go, for eternity in suffering. The LORD is good and just, and he shall reward the good and punish the bad. The sinner may say he doesn't believe in Hell, but he shall certainly go there if he dies in mortal sin, St Anthony Mary Claret once said. People often throw out the window their belief in Hell, for the simple fact that they want to pursue their own will, instead of God's. They don't want to feel guilty for the wrong they've done, though, that's what the Sacrament of Confession is for, to firstly have your sins forgiven by God most High, and to remove the guilt, knowing that God's grace has been restored to your soul. Know, that God sees your every thought, movement and action. He hears every word and sound you murmur. We go to confession because we feel horrible about offending God most High, who has given us everything. We want him to forgive us our trespasses, which is what he does do through the Priest, who acts in persona Christi. No "reconciliation service", no "group confession", no "general absolution" can do this. Only the sacrament of Confession can.

God Bless.

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