Friday, 17 December 2010

Once upon a time...

in a far away land...a little boy was sent to school! In school he was taught that everyone is equal and normal! Everybody is okay the way they were and didn't need to change, and that it's okay to be "different!".  Long long ago, in a-not-so-far away land, "school" was a place that you went to learn the proper Morals and the teachings of the Church, and how to love God! But now, you just get "it's okay to be gay" and "use 'protection'" and "don't wait until your married, just till you're ready" and "everybody goes to heaven" etc...all this crap. Modern day education has the foul odour of socialism and liberalism, and odour which is irremovable! Children's minds are being polluted with hypocrisy and just plain lies. This is an obvious fact, for those who want to see so, whereas others skulls are so thick that the sharpest nail couldn't poke through. Even in Catholic, oh, sorry: catholic schools. For a school to be Catholic it must teach what Holy Mother Church teaches, which I say only about 10% does. Once upon a time, parents sent children to their school hoping and knowing they would learn truths and not lies, though there were the bad apples of the tree. The liberal ideas on modern-day society has become almost the norm in most schools. To be politically correct, to accept all people, to lie, to cheat, to disobey God most high is preached in every classroom! How many schools have you walked into without seeing a stupid, yes, stupid, "Students for Social Justice" or "Students for Tolerance" or one of those idiotic "Young Progressives" signs? I can't name one. Oh yes, and here we go, about this tolerance business. How is this tolerance: Liberals, gays, socialists are allowed to attack the Church and they are praised for it, but if we dare say things condemning them (which we do and always shall for we must condemn heresies and falsehoods) well then we are shouted at, accusing us of being "hypocrites" or "intolerant". If we said things about them well then just imagine the anger that would cause. They are allowed to attack us but we can't try to tell them the truth? Blasphemous. I know why too, because they are afraid of the truth. People want to be considered "normal" and don't we all, but then if they don't agree with the Church (and then they are disagreeing with God) they get all crooked and sulky. We must fight for the truth!
Pray for the Pope!
God Bless you!

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