Monday, 20 December 2010

My rant

Heaven forbid a Catholic say something without being called homophobic. We can't speak the truth without being smacked on the knuckles by todays "tolerant" culture. This is what I don't get about those who preach tolerance: They say that we should tolerate others beliefs and practices, but then if we say something they come and attack us. Oh yes, they are the perfect model of tolerance. Can we even move? Can we open our mouths without being told to go sit in the corner with a dunce hat on? And then they say - they being those who attack us.. that we attack them. Oh PUH - LEASE. We must be kind and treat all our brothers respectfully and not harm them, but we MUST, we absolutely MUST condemn immoral behaviour...oh but wait, no! That's intolerant and very vindictive of us to do. Heaven forbid we spread the word of GOD. For example: the other day, Little Flower Academy in Vancouver let go a lesbian teacher who had a teacher. The school was then called homophobic, and that, apparently, "discriminating". Various LGBT groups were asked their opinion on it, as if they were the deciders of morals, and of course they side with the LGBT group. Oh my, what a mess of colours. Is there no sense of sin in the world? No shame? No. I am NOT judging peoples souls here, I am going by what Holy Mother Church teaches. If you die in sin you shall go to HELL. That is not only the teachings of the Church, but COMMON SENSE, which is also a rarity. Now, this is soon to be Christmas, so this is my last rant for a while because I do love to enjoy Christmas. God bless.

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