Saturday, 2 March 2013

What education is coming to

Here's a little story for you today. A grade 8 boy in British Columbia was sent home with pornography.
Apparently, the wee book he was given was entitled "Put on Something Sexy", contained the image of a woman putting a condom on a nude man. (from the Yahoo post below)
I was physically nauseous when I saw what they had given to him,” mother Cathy Sanders told CTV News.

The boy's father, Clay Sanders, said the flipbook was "cartoon pornography."
“I don’t think any depictions of sexual activity are necessary to pass on to children in school,” he told CTV News.
Officials of the Nanaimo-Ladysmith school district quickly apologized, sending a letter to parents of students who'd attended the session. Spokeswoman Donna Reimer said AIDS Vancouver Island had provided the booklet, which had not been approved beforehand.
That's all I shall grace my blog with, for what it contains is ridiculous for an 11 or 12 year old to view. Here is the full article. LET ME WARN YOU THAT IT SHOWS A PREVIEW OF THE PICTURE.

Schools have truly taken out literature and replaced it with impurity and condoms.

This is an example of where the "anti-Aids" campaign has done nothing more than promote smut and pollution to our children's minds. Of course, in this modern world with media flying at us in every direction it is hard for a child to escape the likes of this, however, this was voluntary and there was intent. This promotes an excuse to engage in pre-marital acts, which is a sin and disgustingly immoral behaviour. Please pray for the people who handed out this booklet and pray for the students of the school in which it was distributed.

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