Sunday, 24 March 2013

Habemus Papam

Well what a grand few weeks it's been. This is my first time sat at a real computer since the election of our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Let me tell you about my reaction when I saw him walk out to bless the faithful, after that glorious "HABEMUS PAPAM".

Before I do I will tell you that I'm never using my mobile to post a blog post again, because they never come out. I had a HABEMUS PAPAM post, which never did publish, so that ruins everything.

The day, March 13th, I was home and I switched back and forth between BBC, EWTN and Salt and Light. I settled on one of them and then I just waited, and there was black smoke. I went downstairs to do something, and it was only by chance that I came up and then looked at the TV and OH MY GOODNESS! WHITE SMOKE! So I sat down and waited. I started to get impatient, and I was trying to figure out who would walk out. Cardinal Ouelette? Cardinal Turkson? The Cardinal Dean? I had no clue at all. Then when the moment came, and Cardinal Bergoglio came out, and the first thing I though of was how remarkably similar he looked to Pope Pius XII. Anyhow, I almost thought I heard wrong when they said he chose the name Francis. Something different, but by now I can tell it's a fitting name for him. I am in no place to judge the Holy Father, and I am content.

I wasn't online very much that day, but I did go on later that night and I read about everyone's opinions on Pope Francis. My heart sank. Never in my life have I seen such hatred from so-called "charitable" people, towards a bishop let alone the POPE. Of course I could be wrong in my judgement, for I was only reading what was behind a computer screen, but come on. Get real. I can understand being upset over not wearing a mozzetta, I can understand being upset over his choice of vestments, but he is the Pope and the Pope is the Pope is the Pope.

The successor of St Peter is the Vicar of Christ, and our Earthly shepherd to guide us and lead us. It is for that reason we must pray for him, and love him as loyal and obedient Catholics do. The media was upset because the Pope was Catholics. Those on the far, extremist right were upset because he wasn't conservative enough and those on the left were upset because he was too conservative. Catholics, however, must rejoice and celebrate a new Pope.

Today is Palm Sunday, it the glorious start to the Holy Week, the most glorious yet sorrowful and joyful time in the life of the Church of Christ. Please, in your sacrifices and rosaries, remember our Holy Father and ask God to watch over him and to ask the Blessed Virgin to protect him.
I had the "unfortune" of being ill and unable to go to Mass to get my Palm, so please pray for me. Remember our privilege of being members of the mystical body of Christ, and remember it is our duty to inform the uninformed and to instruct the misguided and ignorant.  Go to confession, have your sins forgiven, and go to the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to receive under our unworthy roofs, Our Lord and Saviour who willingly gives himself to us.

Ask the saints, especially St Joseph whose month this is, to pray for all those who are sick and poor, and to pray for the Pope. Ite ad Ioseph.

Remember to honour the Sorrowful Mother of God, especially this week as we commemorate the passion of the Lord. She who watched Her Son, our Saviour, bleed and be scourged then die on the most holy Cross. Mary most Holy, Thrice Admirable Mother, Pray for Us and let thine Immaculate Heart be our Salvation!

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