Monday, 2 April 2012

Holy Week

I was going to joke you yesterday and say I now believe I am the Pope himself and that this blog will become the frontpage of my new movement called "Spiritual semi-sedevacantism", though you may not believe anything else I say so I never.

It was Palm Sunday, and we are now in this glorious time coming upon Christ's Passion, ultimately his glorious Crucifixion. His Crucifixion, the most sorrowful thing to ever occur on this vile Earth. That God should become man, only to die for us.

It is Holy week that we use to prepare ourselves to worship the lamb in the beauty of Holiness. Ah, but after we commemorate that Blessed Crucifixion, what have we to await? Is it not His glorious and divine Resurrection? He was dead, now He is Risen! Christ our Saviour, who died for us is now alive again. He has redeemed the world....yet, we continue to sin. We fault.

We forget that God loves us so very much that he gave his only son. We turn and offend Him. We steal from our neighbour, and we hate our enemy. We covet other men's goods and curse them.

We care not for sin, rather we are satisfied to be immersed in it. Hey, we're already 5 metres deep, why not go down another 15?

But this is why Christ died. He came back to life. He established His Church, the one true Church, so that we may be in Heaven with the blessed Trinity, Our Lady, the Saints and Angels, forever. He established the 7 sacraments so that we may grow ever closer to the Father and Holy Spirit. He gives us his own body and blood at every Mass, he forgives us our sins in every confession with absolution.

And then, through the prayers of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, he provides and cares for us our entire life.

God knows our every need and want, he knows every sin in ever crevice and crack in our soul. God knows our every fault. But even more he knows our every talent and good deed, for was it not Him who gave it to us?

And now, He gives us to His Blessed Mother for her maternal protection, for her unending intercession. Pray daily, repent, and have a Blessed Holy Week!

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