Sunday, 4 March 2012

What to do for Lent

So far my Lent has been good. Last night was hard, as I had a birthday party which had a LOT of chocolate flying around. But, sacrifice! I also must remember that giving up things is not the MAIN point of Lent. It is a good form of Penance for Lent, which is a penitential season. Another form of penance could be trying to instruct a progressive liturgist, however I don't know how successful you'll be.

One good practise is to help the poor. You can give alms, donate food, help the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest's missionaries in Africa, or the FSSP missions.

You could also give donations to a religious community.

Though, the forty days of Lent are given for Christ, as we await his Resurrection. We do the Way of the Cross weekly or even daily. Also, we practise the First Friday or First Saturday devotion, as usual.

Also, I'll soon have my review of the Common English Bible ready, so keep watch!

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