Sunday, 11 March 2012

He's uncomfortable

I just watched this video over on Fr Z's excellent blog, and I nearly spit my tea at the screen. Honestly!

This man interrupts the reading of a letter from the Bishops' Conference by the Parish Priest. One recently issued regarding (and supporting Catholics to be against) so-called "same-sex marriage." He says he is uncomfortable with it.

Now, obviously this man is a homosexual "activist". If we were to come and protest one of his pride parades, and try to get him to stop reading a letter from some looney politician who supports the whole "pride" thing, what would happen? I know very well he'd probably throw a fit, mention something about tolerance and bigotry, and go into a full out temper, similar to an angry child who has lost his toy, and can not find it. Now forgive me if I'm being a bit uncharitable here, I am not trying to, but here are my thoughts

1 - This protester has interrupted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, has attempted to ruin Catholics in the pew from hearing an important document regarding the evils of "homosexual marriage" (which is anything but)

2 - The protester has violated the good Priest's freedom of speech, and the rights that we have to practise our faith - the one, true, faith might I add.

3 - If he's so bloody uncomfortable, why the DICKENS is he even on the Church property!

My good readers, you are not unaware that the Church is under attack in these modern times. People don't want to hear the truth, they want their lies to be accepted. We can under no circumstances let that happen, we won't let that happen. To quote the Sacred Scriptures "the gates of Hell shall never prevail against it {the Church}".

Pray for this parish, pray for the Priest, and pray for the protester, who is uncomfortable, voluntarily walking into a Church, an uncomfortable with voluntarily hearing the truth.

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