Monday, 16 January 2012

The Gentleman

So what is the point of boxer-shorts with designs on them, if no one is supposed to see your underpants? I think they're senseless. I don't know what's wrong with a plain pair of nickers.

Actually, I don't give a button what colour underpants you've got on, as long as I don't see them. It's hard to believe the lack of care put into ones dress, especially on the part of young men. It is very immodest to go about with your trousers down below your ankles. It is dispicable that mother's should have to be reminding their sons to put a pair of trousers on that fit. No, they have to be cool and fashionable of course. Shirts with holes and ribs, not from working or usage, rather from design! Jeans with skid marks and cuts -- not from falling off a train, no, rather by design! Boys and young men can and ARE dressing just as grossly and immodestly as some young ladies do. Boys have to be more concerned with their appearence more than ever during the teenage years, which is a rather delicate time of ones life. Your bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost, you have to take care of your appearance, you have to. Not to the point of becoming vain, no, goodness no. Rather, just to put a bit of effort in. Comb your hair, keep your trousers up. Wear sensible pants, no need for holes in your jeans and up your seems. Decent shoes, laces tied. A good shirt, a polo shirt, a sweater or jumper. Just look good, not like a slob from one of those horror movies.

Ladies, by dressing modestly, honour God. Men by dressing modestly, honour God, and honour women. A true gentleman does not go around with an XX Large t-shirt over a baggy hoodies, and golden chains hanging from places of which not even a tissue should be allowed. Nor is that the "cool" look. Ladies do not find that attractive, from what I've been told, they think it's disgusting.

And for heavens sake, walk properly. There is not need to be bobbing your head and swaying side-to-side in the manner of a swingset, while walking. It's disrespectful to those around you. It makes oneself seem egocentric and misanthropic, however not you might be. We do know it's not right and downright sinful and evil to judge someone's soul, since that is reserved for GOD alone, but if you saw someone walking around a store dressed like Dr Jeckyll, would you seriously think they were highly intelligent, honour students studying to be a Canon lawyer? Maybe if you were highly intoxicated.

To jump to my point, I just wanted to prove that it is not hard to dress modestly. It is very simple for a man or boy to dress modestly, and simply. A pair of pants, a nice shirt, a vest or jumper, whatever. A kilt, if you so prefer!

A Catholic follows not the fashions. God does not change, nor does the Church.

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Pearl of Tyburn said...

Hi, Loyal Views! This post is terrific and right on target. Who needs to see young men wearing disgusting and tarnished blue jeans with guinea tees? And what about those earings hanging out of their noses that make them look like bulls? It's downright frightening for a young lady, let me tell you! I love your suggestion that they should put on kilts -lol! I love wearing plaid skirts.

God Bless you, Loyal Views, keep up the good work!

Pearl of Tyburn

P.S. I just posted something on my blog about the Celtic Revival, the neo-pagan movement, and why Christianity is superior. I would love to hear your comments!