Thursday, 5 January 2012

Feminism has ruined the World.

Tosay I was watching a show about ladies, young women, who are mean and angry. Women who are overly-sensitive and over-reactive. A (woman) Psuchologist was interviewed, and she said that "women have a lot more pressure than what they did50 or so years ago, they have to get jobs, support the family, and work even harder", or something to that affect. Yes, this is partly true, but also to blame is feminism.

Feminism has the world ruined. You know and see the results. Now, you know that I am a man, and cannot speak for women. But, I can truthfully say that feminism is the cause of all ill-dressed, ill-mannered, horrible, sex-driven minds that a lot of young girls and ladies have today. You walk into any clothing store. The clothes must be terribly inexpensive to produce, since they only have at most 2 to 4 pieces of fabric on them. Look at those horrible ripped skin-tight jeans, and underwear dressed which are advertised as looking "cool and attractive". They're hardly so. Disgusting.

Girls are taught in schools today that you must "stand up and speak out". They're taught to act as animals, and boys are taught to expect them to act like animals. Your average 13 year old boy is not thinking about how pretty a girl in his class is, he's lusting over her. Feminism, "womens lib", is all horrible. Ladies, females are not objects. They are not play toys, they are not tools of pleasure. They are human, beautifully created by God most high. If a woman wants to be respected, I'm sorry, but she can't be respected while wearing a baggy hoodie and tights. It's not hard to look modest.

Yet schools inforce "dress codes", but they still give the blessing to act like a wild animal. Due to this, not many children know about morals and the Church. Their parents stop bringing them at this age because they'be done their confirmation, and graduated from attendance at Mass (which is damningly false).

My Grandmother, if she had her own talk-show, would be quite popular with the feminist crowd. You see, because my Grandmother hates nothing except one thing: the womens liberation movement. She lived through it, witnessed it, suffered it. She says "no wonder youngsters are acting like they do, I don't blame them, their parents are idiots. Girls arent ladies, nor a men gentlemen anymore." They're ( I'll let the Crescat explain it better), she says.

Of course, I am NOT talking to the good parents, who bring their children up in the Church, with the Sacraments divine, with proper rearing. Mothers who bring their yound ladies up as ladies, true women, mirrors of the Blessed Mother. Rather, I'm praising them for their glorious work! I pray for them.

But, I am speaking of the lazy parent who refuses to teach their child right from wrong.

And the boys and men shan't be left unkown. They can act just as bad. Tomorrow, I'll write on men's modesty!

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