Thursday, 21 July 2011

Say a Prayer for Ireland

Bless dear Ireland, o Lord, we pray.
Make her safe by night and day.
Bless her green, vast pleasant land
and her great Churches, for Thee they stand.
Bless her people, her glorious sea
that brought and made and gives history.
Keep them pure, away from sin
which the Devil tempts all, and their soul is thin.
Oh Blessed Lady, ever Virgin,
thou, who appeared in the green land of Ireland in Knock,
to Thee we fly and beg petition, for the Devil is 
at Bay, for her faithful Priests and Bishops loyal to holy Mother Church.
Let not his snares run rampant, crush his head underneath Thy most immaculate foot.
St Joseph who with the Virgin appeared, protector of all holy virgins, pray for Ireland.
St John who also appeared with Our Lady and St Joseph, pray for Ireland.

Oh St Patrick, and St Bridgit, thou who walked upon Erin's fair land,
pray for her for the Devil is at attack upon the Church's good Priests.

Pray for the Priests, good, pious and righteous. 
Pray for the children, that they may not be deceived.
Pray for her government, that it may stay true to the Church and to God.

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