Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Utter disgrace.

Also, I did a little browsing on their website....

I found this.

Also, need I mention numerous abuses in this picture? First, why are the children gathered around? Why are they not in the pews? They're probably listening to Miss Tralalarainbow preach heresy about Our Lord and Saviour. Look at their faces.....the poor little ones. Trust me, kids HATE, HATE, HATE this stuff! They don't want, nor do they need dumbed-down happy-clappy catechesis. This gives them bad memories of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Then they wonder why attendance is dropping. It's because of the dumbed down, idiotic, heretical teachings and catechesis coming from the "parish directors" and the "parish committees".  Teach some good, solid Catholicism? No, that's too hard, twist it instead.

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