Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Not good news...

The very good folks over at Cleansing Fire has informed their readers that St. Thomas the Apostle church in Rochester had it's closing Mass today, something which has become of a "tradition" in the Rochester diocese, headed by Bishop Clark, because within the last 20 years, the number of parishes have gone down from 159 in the 1990's to 123 parishes to this day. It makes me think: what the bloody hell is Bishop Clark thinking! From reading Cleansing Fire - something which I do every day - it seems that Bishop Clark is only closing the more orthodox and traditional churches, and keeping open the "jump-an-praise hubbabalew nun-in-alb prancer pentecostal new renewal flower power churches". Hopefully, this will NOT be their closing mass, as it will remain a consecrated Church! Hopefully, God willing, the decision to close such a wonderful parish will be appealed. My prayers are with the people of St. Thomas today. God Bless them, for they are our brethren.

Please note this post was supposed to post yesterday, but it didn't.

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