Thursday, 25 November 2010


In this modern society, we often times see young ladies wearing skirts up past their knees, skirts  and shorts which just barely cover their undergarments, shirts with necks so low you can see everything. We see young boys with their trousers half-way down their legs, so low that you swear that they are just waiting to show off what they are wearing underneath, sweaters and "tee-shirts" with vile profanities on them. We see both men and ladies with trousers so tight you can see the outline of their bones and veins. Today's society needs to be taught about what this little thing called modesty is. If you ask an average 12 year-old what modesty is, they won't know. But, if you ask their 60-year-old Grandmother, well, then you'll get an answer. Modest clothing is for ladies: a skirt or dress which covers the knees and elbows, and with a neckline that reaches the collarbone. For men: a pair of trousers which stays on your waist, or a kilt, and a decent nice-looking shirt with the optional sweater or vest. 

Many ladies use excuses as to why they wear such revealing clothes: "oh, well it is hard to find modest clothes" or into the Summer, "It's to hot!". Yea? Well hell is much more hotter.  Men are just as guilty of immodest fashions. Just look outside! 

Schools have this notion of "do what you want and you will succeed", and "everyone is equal" and all that bloody claptrap. They don't teach morals, let alone anything useful. And, that is one of the main sources along with the popular media's positive (though I haven't a clue how evil can be positive) portrayal of immodesty. 

Good Night and God Bless.

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