Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Addressing a Bishop

A reference

  • In Canada, the UK, and Ireland, Bishops are address as "You Grace" or "His Grace", "My Lord", "His Lordship", "Your Lordship", and "My Lord Bishop"
  • In the US, Bishops are addressed as "Your Excellency", "His Excellency", and "The Most Reverend".
  • In the Eastern church, "His Beatitude", "Your Beatitude", and such are used.
 I am used to Bishops being addressed as "Your Grace", "His Grace", "My Lord", "Your Lordship", "My Lord Bishop" and such, which is very much quite fitting. So, knowing this, and knowing that American bishops are addressed as to "Your Eminence", I hope that anybody who wants to address a Bishop properly, (and since many people have asked me), I hope this reference will help!
God Bless!

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