Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Immodesty vs. Modesty

I went to the city the other day. Wow. Fashions can REALLY change.
I nearly puked my guts out.

I saw young girls with denim underwear on (no, they're not shorts). I saw skin-tight jeans on both boys AND girls. I was amazed. What such impurity and immodesty! Now, those fashions are starting to leak into my tiny town! Our Lady of Fatima warned us about these fashions, which will and DO offend our Lord. I see girls with transparent material, and those denim bands which they wear (they call them skirts, but it isn't a skirt if it is above the knee). I am old-fashionedly modest. If it is not below the knee, it is immodest. If the shirt is not within 2 fingers breadth of the neck, than that isn't modest, either. So Pope Pius proclaimed. And that is that.

There needs to be awareness about these fashions. People have lost a sense of modesty, they think that in this world you can wear what you want. No, you can't. They don't even care of custody of the eyes alone preserving their purity and abstinance from sin, abstinence of another type as well.

Please pray for the Church, our Holy Father. Pray.

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