Thursday, 12 August 2010

Church, not a factory (though it is confusing)

Church or factory, you decide.
Look at the building abocve. Besides the obvious crosses, would you say this looks like a factory? Or an insane asylum even? This is what the false "Spirit of Vatican II" hath brought us. Now, the above picture is of St. Matthews Church, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. It is ugly can not compare it to anything. It is just UGLY.

Did I mention that they are renovating?

Yes. They have a new plan. No better than the original. The new plan removes the crosses from the outside, which makes it now look like a factory.
It disgusts me. That building next to the church is the school. As you can see, it is a very modern building, churches should not be modern looking. OUR CHURCH was known for our BEAUTIFUL ARCHITECTURE, and our WONDERFUL ARCHITECTS to designed them. Now, the AVERAGE CATHOLIC CHURCH LOOKS LIKE A WAL-MART!
There are the traditional churches, which are also plentiful. But, it seems, they are closing. Who is closing them? The Progressive Bishops of their diocese. Now, this is more so true on the mainland of Canada and in the States than anywhere else. Look at England and Ireland's beautiful churches. They were once ours, now they belong to Protestants. But, look at Westminster Cathedral, and St. Mary's Pro Cathedral. Downside Abbey, and St. Patricks Cathedral. Arundel Cathedral, and Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. They are beautiful. Also, look at the English country parish churches. The beauty, and antiquity. Look at the shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham. Now, England and Ireland has their modern ugly churches too, look at Clifton Cathedral.

Churches are supposed to be BEAUTIFUL, but SIMPLE. Simplicity can be Beautiful too! They needs to be TRADITIONAL, like Vatican II called!

"The church was reordered after Vatican II". Wrong. Vatican II NEVER called for a reordering of the sanctuary, nor of the whole church. "Contemporary music" NO. Hippies? NO. Lay people lounging in the sacristy? NO. Dancing? NO. Bands? NO. NONE OF THAT CRAP.

I'd say about 5% of Bishops throughout the world are progressive, correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks be to God that we have a wonderful, conservative, traditional, and did I mention wonderful Pope, His Holines, the Successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI.

Please pray for our Holy Pope. Please pray for more churches. Please pray for more Priests. Please pray that tradition will reign. Please pray for the canonization of John Henry Cardian Newman, Pope John Paul II, Pop Pius XII, and Blessed Brother Andre.

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