Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Pope in the Tempest

Not to long ago, I recieved a movie from Tiber River, which I am to review, about Pope Paul VI. Now, Pope Paul VI was one of the more....progressive Popes, after all, he instituted the Mass in the verncaular, and various other changes which I don't want to get into this moment (for then the post will be forever). Anyhow, the movie was titles "Pope Paul IV: The Pope in the Tempest". It is a long, and I mean long movie. It is worth the almost 4 hours. It was the most beautiful movies that I have seen for a long time, next to Karol, and a moview on St. Bernadette Soubirous which I saw on EWTN once (keep in mind, I am yet to see the new moview about Our Lady of Fatima!). It starts off when he is a Priest. It goes through all the major events in his life. I actually understand him more than I did. He was very mis-understood. He was mostly misunderstood by those who wanted progressive changes. I don't think you could fit it into one exact genre. It is dramatical, yet comedical (that is a word, right?). I particularly like the scene when he is saying Mass, and one of the altar boys whispers loudly to the next one "Wake up! Wake up!" and Father turns around to look at what they were doing. Hehe. Another scene, is when people are trying to decieve him into believeing in Birth Control and other contraception stupidity. But, he knew in his mind what they were telling him was wrong. I got overly excited during the TLM scenes(I considered putting a cassock and surplice on).

The movie was produced by Ignatius Press (guarenteed orthodoxy).
Tis in Italian, with subtitles.

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