Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Be Amazed

I am sorry, I have not posted in 6 days. Time, where is it to. Yesterday, I attended Mass at a small almost chapel-Church. It is very beautiful, and it is not the richest parish in the world, either. It had two altars. One to offer the TLM, and another for the NO. The tabernacle was right in the middle of the church, on the high altar. It had to side-chapels. One to St Agnes and the Infant of Prague, and another to the most Blessed Virgin, and the Lord our God, Jesus Christ. It had a statue of the Pièta. I had to attend the NO, since I wouldn't be in the area for the TLM. Now, I must say, the people are just normal ordinary people, who strive to live every day as Our Lord did. They are simple, humble people of a British/Irish/Scottish heritage. The parish is not rich, and the attendance is not the highest, but what reverence did I encounter. Yes, unfourtunately there was an EMHC (even though there were roughly 40 people in attendance). But, still, it was sublime. Only one hymn was sung, since there was no organ player or choir. The hymn was divided into two parts, one to sing at the beginning and the second at the end. "Holy God we Praise thy Name" it was. There were no shananigans, no foolishness, no clapping, nor heretical homilies.  The black was said, and the red was done. See, just because there is a small attendance, that doesn't mean you need to attract more people by making the Mass into a theatrical performance.....and best of all, thought the community is getting smaller, the attendance is going up. You see, the reverence is attracting people from te neighbouring comunities. Now. Take that, progressive hippies.

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