Thursday, 20 December 2012

When life hands you Mayans

make Mayannaise.

I'm sure you're not worried about the end of the world, I'm not, but I have to post my advent wreath I never did.

My cousin was in an car accident today. The automobile flipped a full 360, she got out with only a minor concussion. Please pray for her.

Christmas isn't as happy a time for some people, please, please pray for the families and men who are suffering through the joys of Christmas, sometimes we need to be put in the spot of a suffering human to understand but haven't we all suffered? Mustn't me take up our Cross?

I ought to think about what I can do for the rest of the people around me. I know several people who are especially suffering this Christmas, but lack the understanding to offer those sufferings up to Christ. I don't say that pridefully, but in the sense that no one has considered to tell them about the most holy Passion of Our Lord, Please send a prayer up for them, and for myself to shown them but with that in mind: only the Holy Spirit can change our hearts. I am thinking about the dreadful shooting in Connecticut in particular, but also for the children in schools who are pushed to the side as worthless and inhuman. At this Advent, wouldn't it be of any consolation to know that one child in the 10th form, formerly a party animal has been lead to the Love Divine, all loves Excelling? (To quote a good hymn). But because of this, has been marginalised as unfair and a cook. I remember a priest saying that Christ never promised we wouldn't be persecuted. After all, He was. And this is why we have our Cross to bear. Some have wounds larger than others, but wounds are wounds and blood is blood. We are only human. Think of our God who suffered, bore the pain of pains for us! The love of loves, the strongest of all loves. The Divine love. That same Christchild whose birth we celebrate in less than 5 days. The Son of the Father. May you never forget the Mother of God's love for her children, a love not hidden but rather a love most evident: the Miraculous Medal, the Scapular, the Rosary and most of all: her dear son, Our Lord! To whom, on our behalf, she intercedes daily and always. The saints suffered, we are all called to be saints, and when we suffer, we can call upon to saints to aid us.

Now, pray and go to the Tabernacle to visit Our Lord. I have saved the "Happy Holidays" rant, because I just don't have the energy.

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