Friday, 23 November 2012

Ghosts that we had known.

Clap your hands and fall on bended knee. Carla is in the house, and she's dancin' up a storm. But why? Surely Christ our Sovereign King would understand this special allowance during the Sacrifice of the Mass.


I'll be completely honest. I have never been to a Mass and then seen liturgical dancing. Never. It is only shortly before I started the blog that I found out people were actually getting away with such utter nonsense. I have never been to a Mass where the priest has called out for women bishops and priests, who have attempted to verbally tear the Pope from his rightful seat. I only found out when I started reading different Catholic blogs, and another moment of honesty: I had never heard of the "National Catholic Reporter" (the American newspaper/fishwrap [as Fr John Zuhlsdorf says] which pretends it's Catholic). Because I am not American, it seems that I missed out on a lot of the liberal temper tantrums that happened in the Church.

Of course we had our own. The only two convents in my vicinity are losing vocations, and I blame it whole-heartedly on their venturing into the world of reiki and tai chi'i instruction, two places on the map that NO Catholic sister should even skip close to.

Also,  EMHC's being used when they shouldn't in any way be. Also, I've seen the yammering on of a sentimental guitar tune about how we should "gather before the table and eat the wheaten bread", utter heresy expressed in a crappy hymn. And, banal noise throughout the Mass in general.

To paraphrase Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, if men knew what truly happened during the Holy Mass then we'd be moved to tears and utter amazement. But it is due to the purposeful lack of understanding of liturgical direction and instruction that people have the urge to introduce ridiculous waste into the most perfect prayer.
There is LATIN for a reason, and there is BEAUTY for a reason.

Those ghosts are what we knew, and who still remain. But, as the time changes so does the tide. Now, I am seeing something different.

The Jesuit parish is where the ONLY Tridentine Mass (EF, TLM, Latin Mass, what have you) is offered. Sometimes an FSSP priest is invited, whenever they're near. Of course attendance is high, they're mainly university students and most of them are under the age of 30, 25 even. And then, in contrast, there is a large amount (almost equal in size) of 60-80 year olds who go regularly.

This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday. A glorious, and most beautiful feast. I hope to have a post in tomorrow and Sunday, so bear with me. Please pray for me. Mystical Rose, pray for us!

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