Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vatican II and the Year of Faith

Let's start this off pleasantly.
We now turn to the one who convoked the Second Vatican Council and inaugurated it: Blessed John XXIII. In his opening speech, he presented the principal purpose of the Council in this way: “What above all concerns the Ecumenical Council is this: that the sacred deposit of Christian doctrine be safeguarded and taught more effectively […] Therefore, the principal purpose of this Council is not the discussion of this or that doctrinal theme… a Council is not required for that… [but] this certain and immutable doctrine, which is to be faithfully respected, needs to be explored and presented in a way which responds to the needs of our time” (AAS 54 [1962], 790,791-792).
These were the words which our Holy Father had in his homily today, in the Mass celebrating the 50th Anniversary of VII and today to open the Year of Faith. These words directly defy the average progressive's ignorance of the documents of the Council. We must remember, that most liberals who say they do things "In keeping with the spirit of the Council, the spirit of Vatican II" hardly know WHAT the council was about or what the documents really dictated.
Today, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops also published a pastoral letter on Vatican II. Now, particular bishops of the CCCB are known on getting the Second Vatican Council wrong. I have not read the document, but if anyone has please send me an email regarding it's contents.

Rest assured: the Pope knows what Vatican II was, he was there. It's a council....out of many other councils such as the first Vatican Council, Trent, as well as the Lateran councils. Of course there are more.

He knows how the documents were read in a spirit of disobedience, and that they were intentionally used as an excuse for dissent. Even 50 years later the problems still linger and we must pray they disappear. What Blessed Pope John XXIII meant by a "breath of fresh air" was ignored.

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For this year of Faith, please pray for Holy Mother Church, our Holy Father, and for the spread of the EF Mass, the Mass of the saints and our Patrimony as Catholics.

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