Sunday, 3 April 2011

A rant and roar

Have I ever told you how much that I HATE Blogger? I mean, I am very grateful that they let me host my blog here, but it's SO BLOODY CONFUSING! And do you know what I hate even more? That bloody excuse for a blog-host called WordPress. I tried to play around with it today, as I was thinking of hosting Loyal Views over there instead, but no mater what I tried, I couldn't get my header to go full size. It wanted me to crop it so only part of it would show. The header I have now is one of my very favourites! It took the least amount of time to work on, and is beautifully simple looking! It also shows two of my favourite Saints, though all the Saints are my favourite, really. Anyways, WordPress is OUT of the question. I think I've changed my mind. I love Blogger, but I absolutely HATE it. I love that it is very easy to post with Blogger, and that I can get my full-size header. But, I hate that there are always hiccups with the designs of the themes and all that stuff. Oh well, it is Lent after all, I suppose I've to do me penance somehow, hey?  So dear readers, no need to update your favourites (haha, not really. I know I'm a horrible blogger and unworhy of your favourites bar). That brings me to the fact that I am a horrible blogger. Yeah, I'm working on that, I think. My traffic is about 5 people per day, that's how bad I am. And the truth is, is that only probably 2 people are going to read this post! That's fine though, I'm working on it :) With the confidence in God, I believe that my traffic will get higher, as I get a better blogger. I need to blog more. I used to blog more! Now, I don't have as much time as I used to! Remember my "Mystics Week"? Yeah, bloody horrible failure! That's okay though, it is very hard for me to feel down, and I don't understand why :) I am extremely frustrated with all the liberal progressive stuff that goes on, as is everyone in the Catholic (and I mean TRULY Catholic) blogosphere. We must protect people from the horrible Gay agenda that the US and Canada are going about with, and we must lead people to Holy Mother Church! We must defend the unborn, because humans apparently don't have a right to live anymore, and the stupidity is just amazing. I just accidentally deleted everything I wrote: thank the Lord for ctrl+z. Anyhow, please bear with me. Those few readers who have stayed with me, God love you, you are in my prayers! So again, please bear with me. Check out the poll on the side, should I change the name of the blog?

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